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Sir Frank Whittle Studio School

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Our Vision

We are inspired by the work of Sir Frank Whittle, inventor of the turbojet engine and pioneer of modern aviation, who spent a large amount of time developing his invention in Lutterworth. In the spirit of Sir Frank, we encourage our students to be creative, innovative and determined in their work.

Our aim, above all else, is to offer an outstanding education and valuable work experience to our students, equipping them with the competitive edge to provide them with an unparalleled boost to their future careers, whether this be in full-time employment or further study at university.

Our Ethos and Values

The Sir Frank Whittle Studio School is a dynamic and exciting organisation, embracing the spirit of Sir Frank Whittle and challenging all those who are part of the school to overcome challenges and strive for success.  This is underpinned with our specialisms of Engineering, Sport and Business (incl. Retail & Logistics and Travel & Tourism).

A huge emphasis is placed on team work and developing a collegiate environment where students feel part of the school, have ownership of their environment and are advocates for the Sir Frank Whittle Studio School in the community.  Students adopt behaviours found in the workplace and have responsibility for monitoring their progress with support and guidance from their Personal Coach, both academically and in their progress to completing their CREATE Passport.

Teaching and learning at Sir Frank Whittle Studio School is a central focus of all at the school and the outcomes and experiences of students are placed at the centre of everything we do.  A unified approach in AfL and “Marking 4 Success” is adopted so there is clarity for students on what is required of them to improve, set challenging targets for themselves to drive improvement and continually evaluate their progress towards the realisation of these targets.  Numeracy and Communication are evident in all areas of the student’s experiences allowing them to develop and hone key life skills which are underpinned by new technologies.

Students develop resilience to allow them to overcome adversity and are challenged in constructive ways to provide opportunities for reflection of their progress and outcome.  These are set in real world environments and facilitated not only by teachers of the Sir Frank Whittle Studio School but also our industrial partners.

Through the CREATE Skills students develop a key range of non-cognitive learning, enriching them as individuals and developing them to be ready for the opportunities and challenges that will face them after graduating from the Sir Frank Whittle Studio School.

The CREATE Passport allows students to track and evidence their acquisition of the CREATE Skills both while at school but also in the workplace, through volunteering and extra-curricular activities.  Feedback and reports to parents are provided by personal coaches weekly so that parents and guardians are fully involved in students learning.

This is a chance to celebrate the students’ successes as well as provide vital feedback on challenges that students have faced and working with parents to overcome these issues.

The Sir Frank Whittle Studio School building is welcoming, business like and inspirational.  It is not only be the place where learning takes place but also contributes directly to the students learning with technological and environmental considerations.  The design and branding of the school engenders an ethos of pride and an environment that students are proud to call their own. 

This aligns with our core values of mutual respect where every member of the Sir Frank Whittle Studio School learning community feels valued, appreciated and that they make a positive contribution to the development of all.  Further details of the Studio School model can be found on the Studio School Trust website