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Joint Transport Statement

Dear Parents

We have received a number of concerns from parents regarding the new transport arrangements for this year. The Schools, Bus Company and Local Authority are in continual dialogue and we would like to give you our assurances that we are working together to ensure these concerns are addressed.

In relation to the recent concerns about bus capacity, there have been more than 200 late applications for transport we which have been trying to accommodate on transport to ensure every student has transport available to and from their chosen school as soon as possible. This has put pressure on the capacity of each bus and we have been monitoring loadings to ensure buses are not overloaded.

Whilst monitoring the buses we have witnessed that a small number of students are occupying 2 seats which forces some students to stand unnecessarily. We are also aware that some pupils are not travelling on their designated bus which means that more students are waiting for the later bus through their village. In order not to leave any student behind the drivers are picking up these pupils and taking them into school.

Following a meeting this week it was identified that if every student travels on the correct bus service and occupies a single seat then there will be enough capacity and no service will operate over its vehicle capacity. The Bus Company is in the process of exchanging all the Local Authority issued bus passes with their own electronic bus pass which will help in controlling the loadings on each vehicle and bus timetables will be available later this week which will confirm your child’s current travel arrangements.

Drivers are monitoring bus loadings every journey, morning and afternoon, and reporting any capacity issues immediately to the Bus Company so we can resolve these as soon as possible. 

Whilst we fully understand parent’s concerns, and acknowledge that the new service has not been without some operational teething problems, the aim of this partnership approach we have taken is to establish a network of bus services which are available for the benefit of all the students whether they receive free transport or have to pay. We are committed to working through the initial problems and ask for your patience and understanding whilst we work through any remaining operational issues.

In Partnership:

Lutterworth College

Sir Frank Whittle Studio School

Lutterworth High School

Beaver Bus Ltd

Leicestershire County Council